Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Can I Get My Girlfriend Back, Ever?

Can I get my girlfriend back, ever?” If you are wondering if you can can back with your ex-girlfriend then you are in the right place.  Your situation may be dire and desperate there is hope but it may be only a sliver.

The truth is one of you screwed up. Was it you or was it her? Also if it is the other person who is at fault that caused the breakup, can they be trusted again? The answer to that question may not let you know the answer to “Can I get my girlfriend back?” but it will help you know if you should.

Another pondering question most people asked themselves  is "Is it a good idea for both of you to get back together? If you are fully convinced or absolutely sure that this is what you want  then you might be able to. The problem is in convincing the ex girlfriend that she should. You need to take note of all the reasons that you think you should get back together and the reasons you should not. If the bad out weights the good then you should stay apart. It doesn’t need to be a letter or anything. It can be just a list of all the reasons why it would be a good thing to get your girlfriend back.

What you have done with all of this is made yourself able to deal with any objections and concerns that she has of why it wouldn’t be a good thing. It also helps you to have things in perspectives so you will be better able to the answer “Can I get my girlfriend back?”

There is one objection that you might not be able to overcome and that is, “I just don’t want to.” If she just does not want to get back together, there might be no other reason for it. You can’t make her want you. You can’t convince her that she should. This is one of the things that you have to be prepared for. What you will be doing, though, is getting to that answer. If she does have a part of her that wants to be with you then the answer to “Can I get my girlfriend back?” is ‘yes’.

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