Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Can I Ever Stop My Divorce?

 Have you been asking yourself that question lately? It’s a hard question to answer because every situation is so different. In many cases, “Can I stop my divorce?” can be answered, “Yes, for a t least a while.”

Divorce lawyers do a booming business. Over half of marriages end in divorce. Have you ever wondered why that number is so high?  Is it because too many couples get married too quickly before they really know what they’re getting into?

Are people marrying too young? These things might seem like pat answers, but when you consider that many couples who have been married for 20, 30 and 40 years are getting divorced too, that seems to eliminate the more frivolous marriages and divorces like those we see among starlets and stars.

 It’s not because you married too young or because you’re in a marriage that was doomed from the start. It’s just that you’ve grown apart from your spouse.

On one hand that’s good. It means you’ve grown, and generally a married person needs to be in a caring, nurturing marriage to grow. On the other hand it’s all too easy to grow in such a way that we feel a bit isolated from our spouse, as if they don’t know a certain part of us that we might like to keep private.

When one spouse grows and takes on new interests, it can cause that disconnect between the spouses. Sometimes there’s jealousy and envy that a spouse is succeeding while the other feels inadequate or cheated in some way. Marriage counseling is the recommended treatment for such feelings.

Until or instead of counseling, though, you can try to take an interest in something that your spouse does apart from you. You’ll quickly discover if the gap between your activities is the problem. If your spouse isn’t thrilled about your interest, then let it go. He or she considers that particularly activity to be me time for them.

On the other hand, if your spouse seems very enthusiastic about you getting involved, maybe that was part of the problem all along. He or she wanted to include you but didn’t know how to go about it, or didn’t think you would be interested.

Show genuine interest and ask questions without overdoing it unless you are genuinely excited by the topic. Engage your spouse in conversation about the interest. Be affectionate as you’re talking by putting a hand on his/her arm or shoulder.

Since you’re wondering, “Can I stop my divorce?” you’re going to want to do everything you can get to things on your side. You’re in rescue mode, so no matter how disinterested you might be in your spouse’s hobby, don’t let it show.

And while you’re wondering, “Can I stop my divorce?” don’t forget that your spouse might turn around and ask you about your hobby, too.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Do I Need Free Love Spells To Get Him Back

I have found an article by Ken Letherman and I decide to share it with you in the hopes it will help to stop your divorce and save your marriage.  Mr. Letherman is a great writer on the topic of Romance.  He has done a great job in revealing great tips that will help you to save your marriage/breakups and stop the divorce/breakup

If you've just broken up with your boyfriend or husband and are at the end of your rope trying to get him back you might be at the point where you would consider anything.  If you're asking the question:" Do I need free love spells to get him back?" then you really need to read the rest of this article.


Before you start dabbling in magic there might be a simpler and easier way to go.  Just communicating with him in a calm and rational manner might be all it will take.  At this point in the game an actual  'old fashioned' written letter sent in the mail might be a good way to let him know where you are coming from.

Texts are just too impersonal.  It's hard to truly explain how you feel with an electronic delivery system.  But sending a letter handwritten by you will surely get his attention.

For the letter to be effective you have to make sure that you keep a few points in mind:

1) Don't be negative.  This isn't the time for guilt trips, venting  your anger, or whining about your broken heart.  This is the time to honestly own whatever part you played in the breakup of the relationship.

Even if most of the blame is his you still had something that you did wrong and regret.  Explain why you did what you did.  Don't try to justify it, just explain what you were thinking at the time and why you took the actions you took.

2) Don't promise that you'll change.  You should be honest with yourself about anything that you need to work on but that's it.  You arn't going to change yourself and remake yourself for every boyfriend you have.  That's not healthy. But you can and should work on improving yourself.  And you can tell him what you plan to work on and why.

3)  Talk a little about your life now, without him.  Don't brag about a new guy and try to make him jealous and don't sound all down and whiny.  Just tell him something good.  Not all the details but  just enough to pique his curiosity.  Make sure you end your letter with something positive, something that reminds him of the wonderful, fun loving women he fell in love with.

You don't have to resort to free love spells to get him back all you need to do is find a way to remind him of how great you are and how great the two of you used to be.  If you can do this and intrigue him all over again you will have a better chance of getting back with your ex.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

How Badly Do You Want To Save Your Marriage?

I have found an article by Ken Letherman and I decide to share it with you in the hopes it will help to stop your divorce and save your marriage.  Mr. Letherman is a great writer on the topic of Romance.  He has done a great job in revealing great tips that will help you to save your marriage and stop the divorce.

"I have one question for you: do you want to save your marriage?  If the answer is yes, you have a hard road ahead of you.  But, before you start down that path, you have to answer this question in the affirmative.

Take a hard look at the state of your marriage.  Is this the person you want to be with in five years?

If not, you don’t need to read any further.  Just go down to the closest divorce attorney.

Still with me?  Good.  I’m going to show you how to save your marriage.

Once you have decided that your marriage is worth saving, you can start to do the work that is necessary.  Don’t even think about going to the divorce lawyer any more.  You’ve made the commitment to stick with your relationship.

Now that you have put divorce out of your mind, accept that there will have to be changes in the relationship.  If you want the relationship to work more than your partner does, then you are the one who is going to have to do the most changing.  That’s a simple fact.  It is like the person who has the bigger aversion to messiness usually does the most cleaning around the house.  The person who wants the relationship to work more will have to do the most changing.

You have to be prepared to talk more too.  Set aside time to get to know your partner once again.  If he or she has hobbies that they are willing to share with you, get involved even if you are not all that into darts or scrap-booking.

If your partner is willing to agree to it, marriage counseling may be what you need to save your marriage.  A relationship counselor or therapist will be able to look at your marriage from the outside, ask probing questions, and get you to open up to each other.

There is no such thing as a perfect relationship.  Once you have the “ideal” out of your head, you will be able to work on what is real and what is good.  These are the standards you should be applying to your marriage. 

Do you want to save your marriage?  Good.  But know the hard work lies ahead."

Monday, 14 October 2013

Five Most Important Things to Remember About Dating Girls

If you have ever been through a you definitely know how stressful that can be.  You may feel alone and unsure of what to do.  Maybe you want to get back in the dating game but you are a bit hesitant.  No worries I have been there too.  I have found an article by Ken Letherman and I decide to share it with you in the hopes it will help get back out there and start dating again.

 "Everyone does it. Not everyone loves it. Whether you enjoy dating or find it stressful and horrible, you know that if you are ever going to find the one person who can stop your dating life forever, you have to do it. Gentlemen, you simply have to date girls if you are ever going to find the perfect one for you. So, here is some good advice for you.

Successful dating can be broken down into the five most important things about dating girls.They are:

Girls are not guys.  They do not think it is fun to make noises by placing their hands under their armpits and acting like a winged creature. Even if they are drunk, they don’t like this. Save this type of behavior for guy’s night.

Girls are not guys. They do not think it is cool to brag about your previous relationship conquests. They do not want to know about the ditzy blonde who had nothing to say but had the most amazing rack ever created. Nor do they think it is great to have their guy greeted by every woman in the place. Take your date to a different place just to be on the safe side and never, never, never mention your ex-girlfriend.

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Girls are not guys.  They do not like to see you show up at their door in your ratty old jeans with a cheap five-buck pizza in hand. Trust me on this one.  Maybe later – way later, like after the kids become teenagers – it will be okay for this kind of thing to happen. But for now, please, guys: take a shower, put on something nice like khakis and a pullover shirt, and have flowers in hand instead of greasy fast food.

Girls are not guys.  They do not love it when their date pulls out buy-one-get-one-free coupons at the restaurant cash register. There is nothing wrong with a bargain, especially in these tough economic times, but use those freebies when you go out with your mom (who will love your thriftiness) or your best buddy (who wouldn’t notice or care how you paid). Don’t make your date think that she is not worth full price.

Girls are not guys. They do not find burping and farting contests hilariously interesting and entertaining. Who can come up with most-silent-but-most-deadly one without any prior warning is nothing to be proud of, according to the female half of the population. Neither is it way cool to be able to belch out the melody to “The Star-Spangled Banner.” Again, save it for football night with the frat brothers.

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Remembering the five most important things to remember about dating girls will take you farther than anything else when it comes to having a great time on your dates. The five most important things to remember about dating girls will also allow you to get more than one date with the same lady. There are lots of people who will offer you lots of advice about dating, and even some who will simply say, “Be yourself.” 

That is not terrible advice, but trust me, if being yourself includes any of the forbidden behavior in the five most important things to remember when dating girls list, don’t be yourself. Be better.  Remember these five most important things about dating girls and have a better dating life. "

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Top Mistakes Men Make After A Woman Break Up With Them

Hey Guys Yesi here with another interesting read.  We all know relationships are complex thing and breakups are definitely not easy to deal with.  So I just though I would share with you and interesting piece that I found written by Tdub on what Top mistakes men make after a woman breaks up with them: I hope you find it inspiring and helpful.

    1. Going overboard on flowers, presents, and other “bribes” to get her back.

    2. Trying to explain all the reasons why you cheated or otherwise messed up.

    3. Promising her that things will be different next time.

    4. Playing the “depressed” card in order to get her attention.

    5. Calling her friends and family and trying to manipulate your way back.

    6. Failing to offer a sincere apology if you’ve done something to break the relationship.

    7. Not allowing her to be angry and upset about your mistakes (if you made some).

    8. Trying to “guilt” her into taking you back.

    9. Using drugs, alcohol, or “revenge/rebound” sex to make the pain go away.

    10. Not addressing the real problems in the relationship.

What can you do NOW… After The Break Up?

You’re not the only one struggling to get your ex back.

In fact, you’ve probably looked at lots of online information, or read books and talked to people, and very little of it has been helpful. Too many so-called “self help” products focus on the wrong things, and while they can be useful in some ways, you’re not looking for a LITTLE bit of help, you need a system-wide solution that you can TRUST will absolutely do the job.

The Magic of Making Up is a system that isn’t conventional, but it DOES work.

You already know the top 20 mistakes not to make, but now you need to be able to work quickly toward the recovery of your relationship.

There’s NO reason to feel hopeless!

In fact, your very first step is to KNOW that is IS possible to get back together, and the second step is to stop making the (very common) mistakes listed above.

And the third step is the single most counter-intuitive one of all of them…

Agree to the breakup. . .

That’s right, and it’s not quiiiite as simple or straightforward as it sounds. But you need to stop pushing so hard against your ex so that the pressure is relieved and you both can begin to move forward again.

Would you like even more information about your path forward? The Magic of Making Up is only a simple click away.

There’s no reason to wait even one more minute to begin building the life you want and deserve. You can turn the tables and make your ex want you as badly as you want them!

Don’t wait! Get “the magic” now! => The Magic of Making Up Course

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Find Out How To Get My Ex Girlfriend Back

Find out how to get ex girlfriend back

If you are trying to find out how to get your ex girlfriend back, there is good news and bad news. If you are like me I prefer the bad news first, so here goes.  The bad news is that there is no sure fire method for getting your ex-lover back. The fact of the matter is that many exes are gone for good and at some point you might end up having to deal with that and move on.

That was the bad news.  The good news is that if you are willing to control a lot of your more natural instincts, you could end up finding that your ex has started to become interested in you once again.

Find Out How To Get My Ex Girlfriend Back  

The first instinct that you need to control is the instinct to yell, scream  and be rude at your ex every time that you see them around.  This is absolutely understandable its is a very natural instinct, especially if you were shocked by the breakup and feel betrayed by your ex-lover.  However, it is an instinct that you need to curb right here and right now if you ever want a decent shot at getting her back again.

The more civil, patient and understanding you are to her, the more likely it is that she will become interested in you once again. So return her things that were at your place when you next see her and always be prepared to laugh and be merry around her.  They might not seem like big things to you right now, but they could be the tipping point in the future.

The second instinct that you need to control is the instinct to decide right away how things are going to happen.  Many people do not really care one way or the other whether their ex has a relationship far away from them or close to them so long as they know what the relationship will be right away. This is wrong.

You should let nature takes its course and let your post-romance relationship develop naturally.  With some exes, your best position is being the person they see every now and then at parties.  With some, you can eventually become a best friend and a confidant.  Take it slow and let them decide which way things will go.  Both of these positions can lead to successful re-ignition of a relationship, so keep that in mind when trying to curb this instinct.

Finally, the third instinct that you need to curb if you ever want to successfully find out how to get your ex girlfriend back is the instinct to "force the issue."  Many people will force the issue with their ex, forcing them to make a decision when they really are not ready for it.  If you force the issue right away, obviously you’ll get a no from the ex.

After all, she just broke up with you!  You don’t want to force or pressure the issue.  Instead, you want to sit back and give her the space she needs, pushing slowly later on after they have gotten over the feelings that made them dump you in the first place.

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Saturday, 5 October 2013

Does Conflict Affect Men More Pshchologically In Relationship Than Women?

Psychology may help us understand why men and women react differently when trying to overcome conflicts in a relationship,. If you are dating or in a marriage, inevitably their going to be arguments from time to time.

However what can make things worse is if the two people's ways of dealing with conflict cause them to make things worse. Many couple have turned to marriage counselors and those who aren't married will still seek out relationship advice. Most counseling will help you realize some things that may help each understand how the other party thinks and/or feel.

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A few years ago the National Institute of Mental Health funded a study that showed that most couples who had been together for only a short few months between the ages of 18 and 21 avoided intimacy and being dependent on their other half. They also showed levels of anxiety concerning being rejected or abandoned.

Those tested all exhibited different degrees of the anxiety over being abandoned. Of course those who were more secure in themselves had lower levels and others, depending on how they dealt with anxiety and thought about abandonment, reacted differently as well.

What was thought provoking in the research was how differently the results were in both men and women. They found that  men psychological reaction was more easily noticeable. Most of the reaction was increased anxiety for the majority of men while only those women who are the more avoidance types showed any real changes.

Study also found women are more likely to want to guide a conversation in trying to resolve conflict in a relationship. Psychology shows them to be, in this situation, the ones actively working to get the situation resolved. While they were showing increased levels of cortisol before and during the confrontation, the levels dropped significantly. They showed that getting the conflict over quickly was more physiologically satisfying.

Men, however, showed to be more passive in conflict resolution. While there was indication that they, too, wanted the conflict to be resolved they weren't eager to affront the conflict head on. Those men who had female companion who were more secure showed lower levels of anxiety. On the other hand women showed no change in their levels of anxiety whether their male counterpart was secure or not.

When you seek out relationship advice or opinions, whether you go to family therapy or psychologists, they are going to try to help you understand how men and women react differently. The above research on studying the effects of conflict in men and women will help you know why the react the way that they do in the relationship. Psychology and physiological research will help you deal with conflict better.

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